Chicken Curry Soup

Chicken soup with curry, coconut milk and noodles
Author Martijn Braam <martijn@brixit.nl>
Cuisine Asian
Course main
Prep time 15 min.
Cooking time 30 min.
Serves 4
Ingredient Amount Unit Prep
Egg noodles 150 gram
Chicken thigh fillet 4 pieces
Spring onions 6 pieces
Garlic 2 pieces
Ginger root 2 cm
Chicken broth 850 ml
Coconut milk 175 ml
Thai red curry paste 3 teaspoon
Smooth peanut butter 3 tablespoon
Light soy sauce 2 tablespoon
Red paprika 1 pieces
Frozen peas 50 gram

Mie 4 min

Preparing the meat 5 min

Making the soup